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Observations from the Orient

Tinco Lycklama is mostly known for his solitary travel to the Orient in 1865-1868.

His main objective was to explore little-known regions in Mesopotamia and the Levant, and to share his observations with the future readers of his travel diaries.

Tinco embarks from Paris in April 1865. Over the next months, he travels via Berlin and Russia to reach Teheran through the Caucasus. It’s an unusual itinerary, as most travelers in those days would rather take a more direct route via the Mediterranean and Turkey. Tinco’s choice stems from his reading of the stories of French merchant-traveler Jean-Baptiste Tavernier (1605-1689). In April 1866, he arrives in Teheran where he spends six months. Next, he criscrosses the region and also visits Baghad and other cities in modern Iraq.

In September 1867, he leaves for Syria where he spends eight months traveling the country. Then, he discovers Palestine and Jerusalem, before returning two months later to Syria.

In September 1868, he leaves the Middle East and travels back to The Netherlands via Constantinople, Varna, Pest, and Vienna. He finally arrives back home, at Beetsterzwaag, on 5 October 1868.

Voyage... LycklamaView Tinco’s book online…

T. M., chevalier Lycklama a Nijeholt, “Voyage en Russie, au Caucase et en Perse, dans la Mésopotamie, le Kurdistan, la Syrie, la Palestine et la Turquie, exécuté pendant les années 1866, 1867 et 1868”, 1872-1875, Arthus Bertrand (Paris, Libraire-Editeur) et C.L. van Langenhuysen (Amsterdam, Libraire-Editeur).

Viewable online at Gallica (Bibliothèque Nationale de France)…

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