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Connecting Tinco to the world around him

In order to understand a person’s character and life it is not sufficient to simply examine his personal background and factual actions. One must also understand the context of the world around him, which will have shaped his decisions.

In the case of Tinco Lycklama, the things that he read in the newspapers in the early 1860s (politics, wars, science…) may probably have influenced his desire to travel through the Middle East and go see the things for himself. When studying in Paris, there is no doubt that the school he attended, its professors and its students have had an impact.

The number of things that are formally recorded about a person’s life is infinitesimal. Thus, in order to discover more, we have to look at the people, the events and the world that surrounded Tinco. Simply because he was at a particular place at a particular time, we can safely assume that he met this or that person, or that he was part of this or that event. By identifying this kind of information, we may actually discover traces to new information about Tinco which may otherwise remain hidden from our eyes.

In this section called “Tinco’s World”, we offer readers information and hints about people, organisations, places and events that most certainly have touched upon the life of Tinco Lycklama. This information may also be useful for people who research topics that have nothing to do with Tinco. In fact, taken apart, this information may actually inspire others to pursue new topics of interest. However, ultimately, all these research trails taken together may provide us with more insights and knowledge.