The Tinco Lycklama Foundation

The Tinco Lycklama Foundation is a nonprofit organization based in Amsterdam.


The Foundation is the home for research, documentation and education around remarkable but forgotten life stories. It also acts as an experimental incubator private-public co-creation around heritage, history and culture.


The Foundation believes that collective knowledge will benefit from greater collaboration between professional research (scholars, institutes, media) and the general public. Forgotten stories are an interesting way to start. As they are forgotten, the information is scarce. And, if they are remarkable stories, they will surprise and excite.

One requirement is to facilitate co-creation. By involving anyone who takes an interest in a given theme, we maximize the chances of discovering information and enriching the narrative. A second requirement is to stimulate affinity. This is by encouraging research into any aspect of a person’s life and work so that it generates the largest possible number of ‘touch points’ with which the public can connect.

Open and voluntary collaboration in all its activities is the cornerstone of the Foundation.


The Foundation has debuted its activities with a focus on the life and work of Tinco Lycklama à Nijeholt (1837-1900). The achievements and lessons learned from this initial focus will be applied to other themes in the future.

All activities of the Foundation revolve around three main axes:

  • Collaborative Research. Discovery and exploration of facts around the selected themes. The Foundation encourages everyone to join the research effort at any time and shape its orientation.
  • Open Virtual Library. Virtualized repository of documents and objects that are spread across public and private collections. The repository will offer open access and permit re-use.
  • Co-creative Projects. Educational and cultural programmes. Projects will encourage participation and exploration of the Foundation’s themes “in context” and “on location”, through contemporary perceptions.

Professionals and volunteers can freely join, define and contribute to these activities. Our aim is to support flexible teams and give them a framework and official status they can work from. Please get in touch if you have ideas for contributions that meet the Foundation’s objectives.