Villa Lycklama, Cannes (at the current Boulevard Carnot)

Villa Lycklama - Chemin des Tignes Bld Carnot - 3Fi501

Ancienne Villa Lycklama (Escarras) - Plan régulateur 1884

Plan régulateur 1884 - Cannes - 1Fi135 - edited

Plan général régulateur (nivellement) dressé en 1884.
Sections C et D Petit Juas, Chemin de Cannes C Quartiers La Peyrière et Camp Long – D Terrefiau et Camp Long du plan cadastral Feuille N°108 (Archives de Cannes, see source…)

Ownership (work in progress)

  • xxxx-1866-1872: Etienne Forestier (villa then called Villa Bressane)
    • Occupied by the Marry family. Head of family: Dominique Marry (“cultivateur”)
  • 14/08/1872- 05/03/1881 : Tinco Martinus Lycklama à Nijeholt
  • 05/03/1881 – June 1887 : Foncière Lyonnaise
  • June 1887 – xxxx : Mme. Delemer
    • The former Villa Lycklama is acquired by Mme Delemer from the Foncière Lyonnaise for 80,000 francs (Reported in Le Littoral Illustré, 02/06/1887, see source…)


Burglary at Villa Lycklama, 11-12/12/1900

Four days after the death of Tinco Lycklama (one day after the funeral ceremony and the departure of his coffin for The Netherlands), burglars entered the Villa Lycklama. As reported by Courrier de Cannes on 15 December 1900…


Bold Burglars  –  In the night of 11th and 12th, unknown burglars entered the salon of the villa Lycklama by breaking a window, and they rampaged that room.

Only half satisfied by their catch, the burglars wanted to penetrate into other parts of the villa, but the doors of the salon were keylocked.

They unsuccessfully tried to open the doors, but in order not to be trapped they had to take the same way back through the salon.

The value of the stolen objects is not yet known.

The police have opened an inquiry.

Burglary at Villa Lycklama 11 December 1900 - Courier de Cannes 15-12-1900 A

Burglary at Villa Lycklama 11 December 1900 - Courier de Cannes 15-12-1900 B

Courrier de Cannes, 15/12/1900 (see source…)