Research Topics

Current list of open, collaborative research topics. These topics are constantly updated and upgraded with brief descriptions.

(You wish to join our open research efforts on any of these topics – or suggest new ones – please use this form…)



TLF-0001 – VOC – VOC tombs at the Armenian cemetery of Isfahan

TLF-0002 – Durighello – The business connections of Alphonse Durighello, antiquities dealer in Beirut

TLF-0003 – Oosterhout – Study of the Schwartzenberg en Hohenlansberg family at Oosterhout

TLF-0004 – TerraSancta – The history and organisation of Terra Sancta, custodians of the Holy Land

TLF-0005 – Steamers – The Lynch brothers and the “Euphrates and Tigris Navigation Company”

TLF-0006 – Babylon – Searching for the two missing coffins from Babylon

TLF-0007 – Tehran – Tehran’s antiquarians in Qajar artefacts (1860-1880)

TLF-0008 – Steamers – Dutch captains on the Wolga and the Tigris in the 19th century

TLF-0009 – Shipping – The archives of the Messageries Impériales françaises

TLF-0010 – Cannes – History of the city hall building at Cannes

TLF-0011 – Photography – Discovering Lycklama in the Qajar’s photography collection

TLF-0012 – Mezrab – Inquiry into Sheikh Medjuel el Mezrab, “Mr. Jane Digby”

TLF-0013 – Leeuwarden – A trail of donations to catholic institutions in Leeuwarden

TLF-0014 – Budberg – Andrey Fedorovich Budberg (1817-1881), Russian ambassador to Paris

TLF-0015 – Constantinople – Central and provincial administration in the Ottoman empire

TLF-0016 – Vatican – Monsignore Macchi, Tinco Lycklama’s connection to Pope Leo XIII

TLF-0017 – Amsterdam – The history behind the foundation of the Vondelkerk

TLF-0018 – Algiers – Discovering Tinco Lycklama’s travels to Algiers

TLF-0019 – Girs – Nikolay Girs (1820-1895), Russian ambassador and foreign minister

TLF-0020 – Scholars – The networks of the Société de Géographie and the Société d’Ethnographie

TLF-0021 – Tetar – Reconstructing the life of court painter Pierre Tetar van Elven (1828-1908)

TLF-0022 – Expo – Naser al-Din Shah and Tinco Lycklama at the Paris World’s Fair of 1878

TLF-0023 – Prado – Documentary trails of the Saint Nicolas parish compound, Cannes

TLF-0024 – Swiss – The swiss merchant and banking network in Qajar Persia

TLF-0025 – Italy – Tinco and Agatha, their years in Italy (1879-1882)

TLF-0026 – Massenot – Inquiry into Ernest Massenot, curator of the Lycklama Museum

TLF-0027 – Qajars – Reconstructing Naser al-Din Shah’s three visits to Europe

TLF-0028 – Paris – Student years of Tinco Lycklama in Paris (1862-1865)

TLF-0029 – Nobility – Networks around the “Nederlandsche Heraut”

TLF-0030 – Dar-ol-Funun – Forty-two Persian students in France

TLF-0031 – Witte – The Witte family of Riga

TLF-0032 – LanguesO – Teachers at the Ecole des Langues Orientales, Paris

TLF-0033 – Publishing – Lycklama’s publishing network : Amsterdam-Brussels-Paris

TLF-0034 – Taxes – Tinco Lycklama’s possessions and tax returns

TLF-0035 – The Hague – Augustinus and Eritia, Tinco’s family in The Hague

TLF-0036 – Beirut – The relationship network of Tinco Lycklama in Beirut

TLF-0037 – Library – Examining Lycklama’s library at the Cannes médiathèque

TLF-0038 – Genealogy – The quest for Tinco Lycklama’s closest living relatives

TLF-0039 – Orange-Nassau – The Lycklama connection to the Dutch royal family

TLF-0040 – Wierda – Tinco Lycklama’s Dutch administrator, Klaas Willems Wierda (1824-1889)

TLF-0041 – Karolyi – Lycklama’s connection to Tibor Károlyi (1843-1904), Hungarian politician

TLF-0042 – Middelburg – Georg thoe Schwartzenberg (1864-1945), the Villa Lycklama at Cannes

TLF-0043 – Wolvega – Exploring the Tinco Lycklama donations to the St Francis parish




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