The Tinco Lycklama Foundation is a nonprofit institution based in Amsterdam (NL), with an operational branch in Cannes (F). It is a ‘Stichting‘ (“foundation”) by Dutch law and authorised as a ‘Culturele ANBI‘ (” Cultural Public Benefit Organization”) for tax purposes in relation to private donations and public subsidies.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors  organizes and manages the daily operations of the Foundation in the pursuit of its objectives as stated in its Statutes and in execution of its Foundational Policy Plan. The board consist of…

  • George Homs. President of the Foundation. Researcher of 17th century migration streams and elite building in the Low Countries. Founder of an online collaborative knowledge platform (stealth mode).
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  • Hans Zijlstra. Co-President and General Secretary. Researcher and publisher on Frisian genealogy, arts, and regional and maritime history. Online marketing-expert.
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  • Wibo Boswijk. Treasurer. Researcher in heraldics and family history. Entrepreneur.
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Advisory Council

The Advisory Council consists of independent members chosen for their subject-matter expertise. They guide the Foundation in the pursuit of its objectives. The current members of the council are…

  • Ferydoun Barjesteh van Waalwijk van Doorn. Publisher. Historian. Vice-President of the International Qajar Studies Association. Director, International Museum for Family History.
  • Prof. Dr. Yme Kuiper. University of Groningen. Professor of Historic Country Houses and Estates; Emeritus Professor of Anthropology of Religion and Historical Anthropology. Background.
  • Dr. Jan de Hond. Rijksmuseum Amsterdam. Curator of History, responsible for the 19th century and the relationship between the Netherlands and the non-Western world (especially Islamic countries). Background.
  • Prof. Dr. Florence Hellot-Bellier. CNRS – Mondes iranien et indien. Former Professor of History at Université Sorbonne Nouvelle, current researcher at CNRS of French-Iranian relations and French diplomacy towards Tehran. Background.
  • Dr. Corien Vuurman. HAN – University of Applied Sciences, Nijmegen. Photo-historian and history teacher (Middle East/Asia). Author of Nineteenth-century Persia in the Photographs of Albert Hotz (1911) and Fascinatie voor Persepolis (2015).

The Tinco Lycklama Foundation has appointed Ernst Huisman as a Honorary Chairman of the Foundation. Like Tinco Lycklama, Mr. Huisman is a native and  citizen of Beetsterzwaag. Since more than four decades, he is keeping the memory of Tinco Lycklama à Nijeholt alive – through research, the collection of memorabilia, and the publication of articles in Dutch media. His archives, which are partially accessible at the Frisian institution Tresoar, form the basis for our current knowledge. By appointing him a Honorary Chairman, the Foundation recognizes the significant contribution made by Mr. Huisman towards the realization of its objectives.