Foundational Policy Plan


The Tinco Lycklama Foundation works by a formal “policy plan”. The current plan covers 2016-17, and pursues the following key objectives:

  • The general focus will be on the exploration of the life and work of Tinco Lycklama à Nijeholt (1837-1900) through activities in research, documentation, and education.
  • Key activities include…
    • the development of research teams comprised of volunteers, scholars and institutions
    • the creation and maintenance of digital platforms for the processing of inventories, descriptions and images
    • the initiation of education projects, including publications, online platforms, exibitions, conferences
  • To facilitate these activities, the Foundation may recruit personnel and invest in infrastructure and equipment, function of available funding.
  • The Foundation will seek funding of its activities through donations and subsidies from national and international sources. The Foundation is a nonprofit organisation and has been awarded by the Dutch tax authorities the “Culturele ANBI“-status (‘Cultural Public Benefit Organisation‘) for regulatory and taxation purposes.

For the full Policy Plan, please download here (PDF format).