Current activities

Per November 2016, the Foundation has deployed a range of activities in the execution of its Foundation Policy Plan. These concrete activities include…

  • Ongoing reconstruction and public communication about the 1865-68 voyage of Tinco Lycklama à Nijeholt
  • Ongoing research into archive documents in The Netherlands, France and other countries related to Tinco Lycklama’s life and work
  • Production and maintenance of, the first translations and coverage of Tinco Lycklama’s visit to Persepolis.
  • Preparation of projects as follow-up to InPersepolis, covering other locations on Tinco Lycklama’s 1865-68 voyage.
  • Co-operation with a French museum in preparation of a major exhibition in 2017.
  • Project development for exhibitions to be held in Friesland in 2018
  • Development of a digital repository with virtualised resources from public and private collections (libraries, archives, museums).
  • Ongoing maintenance and communication of the foundation’s web site, Facebook page, and Twitter account

For any information about the above activities, or for other requirements, please contact the Foundation by e-mail.