Collaborative Research



About research…

Research at the Tinco Lycklama Foundation is conducted following five base principles:

  • Driven by stories. We start from selected “forgotten stories” to explore a broad variety of related themes;
  • It’s factual. Researchers focus on discovering source data, and contribute to an informational framework that enriches interpretation;
  • It’s open. Everyone with a an interest in themes and topics can join the effort – from enthusiasts to scholars to institutions.
  • It’s collaborative. We encourage flexible collaboration between researchers to increase the capacity of discovery.
  • It’s shared. All research results are made available to anyone in order to contribute to collective knowledge.

Who can join?

The Tinco Lycklama Foundation acts as a facilitator for collaborative (re)search. You can engage with advanced research, or participate and search for information and artefacts that contribute to the collaborative effort. The Foundation works around selected themes that meet its founding principles, but the research efforts are “owned” by those who make them. Everyone willing to contribute on the basis of these principles can freely join – from private enthusiasts all the way to professional scholars and institutions. Central to our philosophy is that we seek to bridge the gap between the public and scholarship, and to maximize the (re)search potential by involving more people through open collaboration. Themes and topics can be brought forward by anyone at any time. The Foundation will judge its ability to support them and will fully acknowledge all contributions.

Research infrastructure

The Foundation supports a virtual network of people and institutions that are willing to join the research efforts. We are progressively putting in place an infrastructure to support these efforts. This includes a virtualized and open library where researchers can record original data and link to authoritative primary sources. It also includes tools for collaboration – facilitating the development of joint research agendas, as well as the processing and publication of research results. The ultimate purpose is also (and especially) the set-up of educational projects that fully exploit research and data to contribute to collective knowledge; these projects can take any format and can be initiated and “co-created” by anyone who wishes to be actively involved – private individuals as well as established institutions.

Themes and Topics

Our foundational project concerns the “forgotten story” of Tinco Lycklama à Nijeholt (1837-1900). The Foundation will progressively pursue additional stories of a similar nature. They typically touch upon a broad variety of related themes. One of the Foundation’s key objectives is to leverage its general themes to explore related themes in history, heritage and culture in such a way that they become more captivating for a broader public audience. Our special attention goes to themes and topics that have rarely been examined and that can genuinely make a significant contribution to our collective knowledge.

How to join?

Have a look at our open list of research topics. You can use this form to express your interest and to specify how you wish to contribute. Please check back regularly, as new topics will be added to the list at any time.

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