Location Chronology (1837-1900)

(work in progress)


Where Tinco lived…

  • 1837-1862 : Beetsterzwaag (NL) – Lycklamahuis, Hoofdstraat 80
    • Birth place and youth years
    • Residencies during student years…
      • Utrecht
      • Groningen
  • 1862-1865 : Paris (F)
    • There is a strong indication that Tinco Lycklama had a domicile at the address “rue de Lafontaine, 30, Auteuil-Paris“. This address relates to his secretary Ernest Massenot after Tinco’s voyage – but Tinco may have been living here before (to be explored)
  • 1865-1868 : Voyage (see below)
  • 1868-1871 : Beetsterzwaag (NL) – Eysingahuis, Hoofdstraat 46
    • Domicile from Tinco’s return from his voyage until his departure for Cannes
    • Location of the first “Lycklama Museum”
  • 1872-1900 : Domiciles in France and The Netherlands
    •  In Cannes (F)
      1. 1872-1877 : Villa Escarras – in the current rue de Latour-Maubourg
      2. 1877-1881 : Villa Lycklama (also called Villa Eritia) – on the old chemin des Tignes
      3. 1881-1892 : Villa Lycklama-Eysinga (formerly Jeanne d’Arc) – on the chemin Saint Nicolas
      4. 1892-1898 : Villa Burmania (formerly della Rocca) – on the route de Vallauris
      5. 1898-1900 : Villa Lycklama-Eysinga (formerly Jeanne d’Arc) – on the chemin Saint Nicolas

(Tinco is mentioned in 1874 as resident of the Villa Eritia, Cannes – see source…)

In The Netherlands

    • 1872-1886 – Aengwirden (Frisia)
      • At address Fok 27 – probably between 1872-1878 and a few years beyond)
      • Perhaps at another location there up to 1886
    • 1886-1900 – Teteringen (North Brabant)
      • At address F53
      • Registered 19/10/1886 (see record…)
      • Confirmed as his domicile in the death record in Cannes
      • (The removal from this civil registry occurs 13/11/1903 (see record…), his wife on the same record in 14/09/1908).

Where Tinco stayed during his voyage (1865-1868)…

Only after an extensive reconstruction of the travel chronology will we be able to identify the exact locations of the places he stayed. Whereas we have an almost complete picture of the stops he made during his trip, it is virtually impossible to identify the hotels or guest-houses he stayed. We will focus our research on the cities where Tinco Lycklama stayed for a longer period of time.

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