Joseph Alberdingk Thijm (1820-1889), author and publisher

Josephus Albertus Alberdingk Thijm (Amsterdam, 13 August 1820 – Amsterdam, 17 March 1889). Dutch author, publisher and lecturer. Alberdingk Thijm was a member of the Amsterdam publishing firm C.L. van Langenhuysen – the Dutch publisher of Tinco Lycklama’s four volumes about his travel through the Orient (see “Voyage…”)


Joseph Alberdingk Thijm (1820-1889) – photography from around 1880

Lucas Bernardus Mulder (1819-1912), priest

Deken MulderLucas Mulder was dean of the roman-catholic St Francis parish at Wolvega. Tinco Lycklama developed a personal relationship with Lucas Mulder and became a benefactor to the parish.

Lucas Mulder oversaw the construction and decoration of Tinco’s private chapel at the Wolvega cemetery.

Key data on Lucas Bernardus Mulder…

  • 11/11/1819 – Birth at Zwollerkerspel (see record…)
  • 1840 – Registered in the town of Uden (NL) as a student (probably preparation for priesthood)
  • 21/12/1844 – Received priesthood (see source…)
  • 1852-1860 – Priest at Vollenhove
  • 01/10/1859-1903 – Priest at St Franciscus at Wolvega (see source for resignation…)
  • 11/01/1912 – Death at the Lycklama Stins, Wolvega (see record…)
  • Buried at Wolvega (see source…)


Leidsche Courant 13-01-1912 - Death Notice Lucas Bernardus Mulder
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Death notice, Leidsche Courant 13/12/1912 (see source…)