Important Lycklama memorabilia recovered from German auction

BREAKING NEWS – 02/10/2016. At an auction today in Munich (D), Wibo Boswijk for the Tinco Lycklama Foundation (a non-profit, based in The Netherlands) has been able to recover two exceptional family items of the Lycklama à Nijeholt, a Dutch aristocratic family in the province of Friesland. It concerns…

  1. The Patent of Nobility delivered in 1817 by King Willem I to Tinco Martinus Lycklama à Nijeholt (1766-1844); and
  2. The Order of the Oak Crown, including a painted portrait miniature, of Jan Anne Lycklama à Nijeholt (1809-1891).

These were respectively the grandfather and the father of Tinco Lycklama à Nijeholt (1837-1900), the orientalist. The latter derived his title of “jonkheer” from this Patent of Nobility awarded to his grandfather. Both items have left the Netherlands over a century ago, and never returned. The destination of these items will be communicated later.



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