26/10/1866 – Meshed Morghab, just another stopover on Tinco’s way south.

After spending thirteen days at Isfahan, the old capital of Persia under the Abassid dynasty, Tinco hit the road on October 21 and rushed southwards. Over the past five days, he travelled over 300 kilometers through arid terrain and across mountainous plateaus, staying at dusty little places like Mahyar, Maqsud Beyk, Shurjestan, and Surmaq.

He should have spent some time at Izad Khvast (often spelled Yezdegast in the past), because the place is remarkable for its landmarks stretching the whole islamic era until the Qajar period (the town is marked for the UNESCO World Heritage list). But Tinco was in a hurry, and he admits that it was a pity to have thrown just a glance at it.

This morning, Tinco left Dehbid – which was just a desolate courrier stop back then. The day was tough, as  he had to cross some very difficult mountain passes. But, he knew where he was heading, and it was definitely worth the effort. Tonight, he sleeps at Meshed Morghab, a little village in a valley that holds a few treasures that he was keen to discover the next day.

The ruins of the caravanserai at Kirgoun – on the road between Dehbid and Meshed Morghab.

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