TLF#0001. VOC tombs at the Armenian cemetery of Isfahan

Tomb of François Castelijn d’Jonge – died 12/01/1697, buried at New Julfa, Isfahan

The Dutch tombs at the Armenian cemetery of New Julfa, Isfahan

Context. In October 1866, Tinco Lycklama spent a few days at Isfahan, in modern Iran. In the 17th century, the Dutch VOC (East Indies Company) had a prominent presence in this city. One of Tinco’s observations concerns the cemetery at New Julfa. Historically, this is an Isfahan district with a strong Armenian (christian) presence. In 1606, a community of an estimated 150,000 Armenians had been moved there from the region of Julfa (on the northern border of Persia). Dutch visitors and VOC employees who died in Isfahan were typically buried at this cemetery. Tinco Lycklama observed and described 14 tombs.

Objectives. Encourage interest and facilitate research, with the following potential outcomes (no limitations):

  • Develop related themes about the VOC presence in Persia
  • Expand the list of Dutch tombs at New Julfa
  • Develop genealogies for the identified people buried at New Julfa
  • Collect photography of the Dutch tombs…

Relevance. The story is not relevant for the Tinco Lycklama narrative. It can, however, highlight other forgotten stories about the VOC and its Persian presence.

Supporting document. Direct link to the transcription of the tomb inscriptions by Tinco Lycklama (including his French translation)… click here.

Join the (re)search, build a team. If you are interested to participate and develop this research track, please get in touch using this form.


The list of 14 tombs identified and transcribed by Tinco Lycklama…

  1. Huijbert Buckens – died 25/12/1653
  2. Willem Lok – died 12/01/1665
  3. Jacobus Kemel – died 03/01/1670
  4. Georgh Wilmson – died 06/03/1675
  5. François Castelijn d’Jonge – died 12/01/1697
  6. Sara Jacoba Six van Chandelier – died 09/05/1703
  7. Mattheus van Laypzus – died 12/11/1730
  8. Gullielmus Beli Joan (sic) – died 24/02/1624
  9. Edvardus Pagett – died 21/01/1702
  10. William Alweal
  11. Marcus Xav. de Marez – died 31/05/1673
  12. Michel Boirri – died 1673
  13. Louis Rooper – died 1673
  14. Rodolfe



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