How to become a (re)searcher with the Tinco Lycklama Foundation?

Here is how we envisage “(re)search” at the Foundation. We share with you an open-ended list of topics that relate to our current theme – the remarkable but forgotten life story of Tinco Lycklama à Nijeholt (1837-1900). Everyone can participate and engage with these topics – or suggest and pursue new ones. You can jump straight away to this form and tell us about your interests.

The activities of the Foundation revolve around three pillars : collaborative (re)search, virtual libraries, and co-creative projects. We’re now shaping up the first one – (re)search.

We make a distinction between research and search. Some people have the resources to conduct advanced research, whereas others make a tremendous contribution by simply chasing information and artefacts that contribute to the overal story.

tlf-three-pillars-of-activity-research-avatarAnyone can be a (re)searcher. You don’t have to be an academic. The skills needed for search and documentation can be acquired on the spot – by doing. And, we learn from others through collaboration – including scholars. At the Foundation, we encourage everyone to participate. – and to do so by pursuing topics that you can personally relate to such as family history, local heritage, or your general fields of interest. Each according to one’s own abilities and personal inspiration.

We explain our approach on this introduction page, from where you can also click to the open list of research topics. You will notice that some of them go beyond Tinco Lycklama and reach into more general areas – including genealogy, local history, biography, art, photography, archaeology, commercial ventures…  They also apply to a broad geography including France, The Netherlands, Russia, the Middle East – and beyond. Thanks to the tremendous digital resources that libraries, archives and museums worldwide provide, so much can be done.

We recommend these topics, but there are no limitations. You are free to pursue related topics that you are interested in. Tell us what you’d like to do using this form. Our objective is to help and orchestrate your efforts into an open online library that will benefit everyone. Plus, together, we’ll develop educational projects (publications, online narratives, exhibitions…) that build from your (re)search and reach out to the general public.

If you want to be a (re)searcher, there’s only one thing to do : join and get started! 

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