Announcing the Tinco Lycklama Foundation

TLF - Full logo on light

Encouraging public interest in history, heritage and culture by co-(re)creating “forgotten stories”.

New Foundation incubates new collaborative methods in research, library virtualization and educational projects.

Amsterdam/Cannes, August 25, 2016  —–  The Tinco Lycklama Foundation is retracing the remarkable life and work of Tinco Lycklama à Nijeholt (1837-1900). He is considered to be the first Dutch ‘orientalist’ – but he is all but forgotten. The new Foundation will exploit the effect of surprise and curiosity that such stories engender, to stimulate public interest in collective history, heritage, and culture. It will do so by adopting an innovative “co-creative” approach that involves the public in re-creating these stories. Starting with the story of Tinco Lycklama, the Foundation is already co-operating with institutions and researchers in France, The Netherlands, the Middle East, and elsewhere.

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