Ali Quli Mirza (1822-1880), I’tizad us-Sultana, Persian Minister of Commerce

Ali Quli Mirza

Ali Quli Mirza, Minister of Sciences Commerce and Arts. Image taken from Qajar Album. Originally published in Iran 1863.

Ali Quli Mirza has been one of the most trusted and influential advisors to Naser al-Din Shah. A son of Fath Ali Shah, he was thus the grand-uncle of Naser al-Din.

Ali Quli Mirza lived in a palace adjacent to Tehran’s grand bazaar. According to Tinco, it was a wonderful place of luxury with European comfort.

In his travel writings, Tinco Lycklama describes how he had the chance to regularly meet the minister privately and how the relationship evolved into a sincere friendship. They maintained correspondence after Tinco returned to Europe. In fact, Ali Quli Mirza accompanied the Shah on his first trip to Europe, in 1873, and it is quite possible that they met again – possibly in London or on Paris.


(The profile below is taken from RoyalArk…)

H.I.H. Shahzada ‘Ali Quli Mirza, I’tizad us-Sultana (cre. 1856). b. 7th December 1822 (s/o Gul Pirhan Khanum), educ. privately. Governor of Malayar, Tuisarkan and Borujud, Mbr Council of State, Minister to the Queen Mother, Chief Examiner and Inspector of Dar al-Funan Coll 1852-1858, Dir Dar al-Funan Coll 1858-1860, Minister for Sciences 1859-1880, Culture 1866-1873, Public Instruction 1872-1873, Mines and Public Instruction 1876-1878, and Justice 1878-1880, Special Envoy to Emperor Napoleon III 1873, Governor of Malayer and Tuyserkan, and of Boroujerd 1873-1874, Presdt Council of Benevolent Reforms 1874-1875. Author “Al-Mutanabbi’in”. Rcvd: the Decoration of the Imperial Portrait, and the Order of the Lion and Sun 1st class, the Imperial Order of Nobility (Nishan-i-Majidieh) of Turkey 1st class, Knt 1st class of the Order of St Stanislas of Russia (1873), GC of the Order of Leopold of Belgium (1873), GO of the Order of the Legion of Honour of France (1873), etc. m. (first) Fakhri Khanum [Kuchuk], daughter of Muhammad Hasan Khan Afshar, of Qazvin. m. (second) Mah Sultan Khanum, a dancer and musician in the service of the Queen Mother. m. (third) Houri Khanum [Sigheh-e Tajrish]. He d. at Tehran, 14th December 1880, having had issue, one son and three daughters:

  • a) Major-General H.R.H. Shahzada Muhammad Hasan Mirza, Mu’tazid ud-Daula. b. 1860 (s/o Mah-Sultan Khanum), educ. privately. Dar al-Funan Coll, Tehran. Maj-Gen and Cdr of the troops at Fars, Governor of Mashhad in 1918 and 1922. m. (first) H.H. Shahzadi Gauhar Malik Khanum, Muhtaram us-Sultana (m. second, Mirza Mahmud Khan Mostofi, and left further issue), daughter of H.R.H. Shahzada Ahmad Mirza, Mu’in ud-Daula, sometime Governor-General of Arabistan. m. (second) H.H. Shahzadi Anwar ud-Daula, daughter of H.H. Shahzada Murtaza Quli Mirza [Aga Jan], Mansur us-Sultana, sometime Deputy Governor-General of Kurdistan. m. (third) Mukhatab ul-Mulk. Widows at his death included (same as one of the above?) 1- Gauhar Malika Khanum, Turan us-Sultan, and 2 – Nimtaj Khanum,Baha ul-Mulk. He d. before 2nd 1911, having had issue, five sons and four daughters:
    • i) H.H. Shahzada Muhammad Husain Mirza, Amjad ul-Mulk. b. 1885 (s/o Muhtaram), educ. privately. Governor of Radban 1919-1920, Munshi and Hon Attaché at the British Consulate-Gen 1921-1922. m. Azar Khanum. He had issue, a daughter:
      • (1) H.H. Shahzadi … Khanum. m. Aga Jamal.
    • ii) H.H. Shahzada ‘Ali Quli Mirza [Ali-Gholi Etezadi] (s/o Anwar). m. ‘Izz ul-Mulk [Ezzie Ardalan], daughter of Major-General H.E. Haji Abu’l Hasan Khan Ardalan, Fakhr ul-Mulk, sometime Minister for Commerce and Governor-General of Arabistan, by his wife, H.R.H. Shahzadi Abbasa Khanum [Bash Hajieh Valiya], ‘Izz ud-Daula, daughter of General H.I.H. Shahzada ‘Abdu’s Samad Mirza, ‘Izz ud-Daula, sometime Minister for Justice. He had issue, three sons and one daughter:
      • (1) H.H. Shahzada Husain ‘Ali Mirza [Hossein Ali Etezadi]. b. 28th July 1917. m. Farah Khanum (b. 1923), daughter of ‘Abdu’l Reza Khan Afkham-Ebrahimi, by his wife, Guilan Khanum, daughter of Amir Jan Ebrahimi. He d. at Fresno, California, USA, 20thOctober 1984 (bur. there at Clovis Cemetery), having had issue, three sons:
        • (a) H.H. Shahzada Bijan Mirza [Bijan Etezadi]. b. October 1941. Mngr with the Boeing Co in in St Louis, USA. m. Jane Elyse (b. 1948), educ. Adelphi Academy Brooklyn, New York, eldest daughter of … Friedman, of Staten Island, New York, USA, by his wife, Miriam, née Kreutzer, of Longboat Key, Sarasota, Florida. He had issue, one son and one daughter:
          • (i) H.H. Shahzada Kamran Ali Mirza [Cameron A. Etezadi]. b. at St Louis, Missouri, USA, 1975, educ. Ladue Horton Watkins High Sch, St Louis, Missouri, Rice Univ (BA), Houston, Texas, and Univ of Washington (MBA), Seattle, Washington, USA. Software Design Engineer with Microsoft Corp 1996, Microsoft Technical Leadership Team in Sweden 2000-2003, Mngr mobile web technologies, speech recognition software, and mobile computing hardware in the USA 2003-2007, Snr Mngr Software Engineering at 2007-2010, Snr Vice-Presdt & Chief Information Officer UDR Inc since 2010.
          • (i) H.H. Shahzadi Kimiya Anne Khanum [Kim Etezadi]. b. at St Louis, Missouri, USA, April 1977, educ. Ladue Horton Watkins High Sch, St Louis, Missouri, Drake Univ (BA 1999), Des Moines, Iowa, and Georgetown Univ (MA), Washington DC, USA. International Programs Exec “The Washington Times” 2000-2001, Ayrshire Assoc Investment Counsel 2001-2006, University Programs Specialist with Forrester Construction Co 2006-2011, Recruiting Specialist The Avascent Group since 2011.
        • (b) H.H. Shahzada Iraj Mirza [Iradj Etezadi]. b. 1946. Settled in Dubai, UAE. MD Castle Construction Co. m. (first) at Kensington, Mdx, 1970, Monica B. Looker. m. (second) Gulrukh Khanum [Goli Etezadi] (b. 1961), daughter of Taqi Shahrdar, by his wife, Mahin Banu Khanum, née Garoussi Kaboudvand. He had issue, one son and one daughters:
          • (i) H.H. Shahzada Kuraish Mirza [Kourosh K. Etezadi]. b. 1987 (s/o Gulrukh), educ. Ladue Horton Watkins High Sch, and Univ of Missouri, St Louis, Missouri, USA. Guest Services Rep for Univ of Missouri 2007-2009, Intern SazehPad 2009, and with PG International Commodities Trading in Iran since 2010.
          • (i) H.H. Shahzadi Atessa Maya Hadia Khanum [Atessa Etezadi-Looker]. b. at Westminster, Middlesex, 1973 (d/o Monica). m. at Bath, Somerset, 2005, ….
        • (c) H.H. Shahzada Turaj Mirza [Touradj Etezadi]. b. 1958. m. at Westminster, Middlesex, 1982 (div. June 2002) Pouran Jafarzadeh-Ghahy (b. 1959). He had issue, a daughter:
          • (i) Daria Guilan Etezadi. b. at Fresno, California, USA, 12th January 1995.
      • (2) H.H. Shahzada Malik Mansur Mirza [Malek Mansour Etezadi]. m. Samieh Khanum. He had issue, a daughter:
        • (a) H.H. Shahzadi Leila Khanum [Leila Etezadi]. b. 1941. Settled in West Holywood, California. m. at Riverside, California, USA (div. at Los Angeles), Victor G. Giganti.
      • (3) H.H. Shahzada Amir Hushang Mirza [Amir Hooshang Etezadi]. b. at Tehran, 6th December 1923 (yngst child), educ. Univ of California, Berkeley (BA 1948, MA Pol Sci 1950). Joined US Army as a private soldier and served in WWII, naturalised a US citizen 1945, cmsnd as 2nd-Lieut 1949, returned to Iran 1950 and joined Ministry of Foreign Affairs 1951, Attaché Iranian Permanent Delegation to UN General Assembly New York 1955-1958, attached Protocol MOFA Dept Tehran 1959, retd 1974, lecturer in economics and political science at Iranzamin Coll in Tehran until 1974. Dir Shiraz Plastic Products Corp 1970-1981. m. in Maryland, USA, 4th May 1955, Catherine McKone (b. at Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA, 19th February 1925; d. 1988), joined US State Dept. He d. at Sacramento, California, USA, 2nd January 2003, having had issue, one son and one daughter:
        • (a) Davd Joseph Etezadi. b. at Tehran, 1960, educ. Univ of California, Davis (BA) and UCLA Law Sch (LLB). Attorney-at-Law California 1986. m. (div. at Clark, Nevada, USA), Mahtab R Etezadi.
        • (a) The Hon Susan Irene Etezadi. b. in the USA, 1958, educ. Univ of California, Davis (BA) and Univ of San Diego Law Sch (LLB 1983). Attorney-at-Law California 1983, Deputy District Attorney San Mateo Co, Judge San Mateo Co Superior Court 2007. Part-time teacher at Coll of San Mateo. Mbr Brd of the Legal Aid Soc of San Mateo Co, Iranian American Political Action Cttee (IAPAC), etc. Sec Women Lawyers of San Mateo Co.
      • (1) H.H. Shahzadi Fakhr-i-Taj Khanum [Fakhri Etezadi]. m. Amir Mohazzeb Shahin Nouri. She had issue, one son and one daughter.
    • iii) H.H. Shahzada Muhammad Baqi Mirza [Mohamed Bagher Etezadi] (s/o Anwar). m. (first) 1925, Aqdas Malik Khanum, from the Amiryaqubi family. m. (second) Shamsi Khanum. He had issue, three sons and six daughters:
      • (1) H.H. Shahzada Sultan Ovais Mirza [Sultan Ovise Etezadi]. b. 19th October 1939 (s/o Aqdas Malik). m. Pourry Etezadi (b. 31st July 1930; d. at Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada, 28th October 1998 bur. there at Fairview Cemetery). He d. at the Greater Niagara General Hospital, Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada, 30th January 2005 (bur. there at Fairview Cemetery), having had issue, two sons:
        • (a) H.H. Shahzada Kava Mirza [Kaveh Etezadi]. Operations Superintendent of Red Lake Municipality in 2010, Coordinator of Roads Operations & Maintenance since 2011. m. Anna Maione Etezadi, younger daughter of Carmine Maione, of Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada, by his wife, Maria, née Stroffolino. He has issue, two daughters:
          • (i) H.H. Shahzadi Katarina Khanum [Katarina Etezadi], educ. St Paul Catholic High Sch, Niagara Falls, and Brock Univ, St Catharines, Ontario, Canada.
          • (ii) H.H. Shahzadi Tarana Khanum [Taraneh Etezadi].
        • (b) H.H. Shahzada Kamyar Mirza [Kamyar Etezadi]. m. Ann. He has issue, one son and one daughter:
          • (i) H.H. Shahzada Kamrian Mirza [Kamrian Etezadi].
          • (i) H.H. Shahzadi Kayla Khanum [Kayla Etezadi].
      • (2) H.H. Shahzada Muhammad Hasan Mirza [Mohammad Hassan Etezadi] (s/o Shamsi).
      • (3) H.H. Shahzada Muhammad Sadiq Mirza [Mohammad Sadegh Etezadi]. (s/o Shamsi).
      • (1) H.H. Shahzadi Malaka Khanum [Malakeh Etezadi]. b. 6th September 1928 (d/o Aqdas Malik). A leading royalist and supported of the Shah. Publisher of “Zolfaghar” and “Banuye Iran”, a ladies’ royalist magazine. She d. at Los Angeles, California, USA, 6thApril 1989.
      • (2) H.H. Shahzadi Ilaha Khanum [Illauah Etezadi] [Elahe Etezadi]. b. 1933 (d/o Aqdas Malik). Settled in Irvine, California, USA. She d. before 2005.
      • (3) H.H. Shahzadi Parnian Khanum [Parry Etezadi]. b. 1935 (d/o Aqdas Malik). Settled in Irvine, California, USA.
      • (4) H.H. Shahzadi Mahshid Khanum [Mahshid Etezadi] (d/o Shamsi).
      • (5) H.H. Shahzadi Shuhra Khanum [Shohreh Etezadi] (d/o Shamsi), educ. Coll of Literature & Foreign Languages, Tehran.
      • (6) H.H. Shahzadi Hingama Khanum [Hengameh Etezadi] (d/o Shamsi).
    • iv) H.H. Shahzada Muhammad ‘Ali Mirza [Mohamed Ali Etezadi] (s/o Anwar). m. (first) Farida Khanum, daughter of … Khvajavi, by his wife, Farangis Khanum. m. (second) Alia Khanum. He had issue, one daughter by his first wife and one son and two daughters by his second wife:
      • (1) H.H. Shahzada Sultan Majid Mirza [Sultan Madjid Etezadi]. b. 1949 (s/o Alia), educ. Andisheh High Sch, Tehran. Airline Transport Pilot in Seattle, Washington, USA. m. Zahra V. Khanum [Zohreh Majidi] (b. 1953). He had issue, two sons and one daughter:
        • (a) H.H. Shahzada Michael Sultan Mirza [Michael Etezadi]. b. at Bellevue, Washington, USA, 1991.
        • (b) H.H. Shahzada Maximilian Mehran Mirza [Max Etezadi], educ. Newport High Sch, Seattle, Washington, USA.
        • (a) H.H. Shahzadi Melissa Alia Khanum [Melissa Etezadi]. b. at Bellevue, Washington, USA, 1983, educ. Bellevue Senior High Sch, Bellevue, and Seattle Univ, Washington, USA. Joined KVAL-TV 2010, Producer in Eugene, Oregon 2010, Producer & Anchor in Hazard, Kentucky 2010-2011, Reporter in Lexington, Kentucky since 2011.
      • (1) H.H. Shahzadi Mihri Dokht Khanum [Navvab Ellieh Mehri-Dokht Etezadi] [Mehri Etezadi] (d/o Farida). m. Abbas Quli Khan Bayani, elder son of Colonel Abu’l Hasan Khan Bayani, sometime Naib ul-Hakima of Isfahan, by his first wife, H.H. Shahzadi Zubaida Khanum, Shams ul-Mulk, daughter of H.R.H. Shahzada Yadu’llah Mirza Jahanbani. She d. Tehran, before 19th December 2001, having had issue, a son.
      • (2) H.H. Shahzadi Manija Khanum [Manijeh Etezadi]. b. 1938 (d/o Alia).
      • (3) H.H. Shahzadi Mahvash Khanum [Mahvash Etezadi]. b. 1943 (d/o Alia). m. Abu’l Hasan Almoudeh. She had issue.
    • v) H.H. Shahzada Muhammad Taqi Mirza [Mohamed Taghi Etezadi] (s/o Anwar).
    • i) H.H. Shahzadi Beria Khanum, Afaq us-Sultana [Beria Etezadi] (d/o Anwar). m. Javid Khorasani. She had issue.
    • ii) H.H. Shahzadi Malik Khanum. m. H.H. Shahzada ‘Abdu’llah Mirza Jahanbani. She had issue:
      • (1) ‘Ali Jahanbani.
    • iii) H.H. Shahzadi Gul Pirahan Khanum [Gul Pirahan Etezadi] (d/o Mukhatab). m. H.H. Shahzada ‘Abbas Quli Mirza, Mukhatib ul-Mulk, son of H.R.H. Shahzada Shah Murad Mirza, by his wife, H.R.H. Shahzadi Nur ul-Ayn Khanum, daughter of his paternal uncle, H.I.H. Shahzada ‘Ali Quli Mirza, I’tizad us-Sultana, sometime Minister for Justice. She had issue.
    • iv) H.H. Shahzadi Shahzada Khanum Banu (d/o Muhtaram).
  • a) H.R.H. Shahzadi Fatima Khanum (d/o Fakhri). m. Sayyid Aga Jamal Hafezi.
  • b) H.R.H. Shahzadi Nur ul-Ayn Khanum (d/o Houri). m. H.R.H. Shahzada Shah Murad Mirza, son of her paternal uncle, H.I.H. Shahzada Haji Abbas Quli Mirza, sometime Governor of Halhala. She had issue.
  • c) H.R.H. Shahzadi Taj Mah Khanum (d/o Houri). m. 1863, General H.I.H. Shahzada ‘Abdu’s Samad Mirza, ‘Izz ud-Daula (b. at Tehran, May 1843; d. at Tehran, 21st October 1929), sometime Minister for Justice and Commerce and Special Ambassador to the Court of Russia, son of H.I.M. Muhammad Shah, Shahanshah of the God protected realms of Persia, by his wife, Uqul Beyga [Uqul Bajji], of the Salur Turkoman tribe. She d. from cholera while on pilgrimage to Mecca, before 10th April 1902, having issue, four sons and five daughters.

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