Life Chronology (1837-1900)

(A few political events are added in order to provide context that may have had influence on the course of the life of Tinco Lycklama)

(October 1853 – March 1856 : Crimean War between Russia and an alliance of France, the United Kingdom, the Ottoman Empire, and Sardinia. A loss for Russia)
  • 27/03/1854 – Death of Tinco’s mother, IJpkjen Hillegonda van Eijsinga (1815-1854) (see record…)
  • Enrolls as student at the university of Utrecht (see source… – records to be verified). He studied for about two years geography, history and ancient languages (Arabic and Persian) (Source : Jacques Juillet, “Annales de la Société Historique et Littéraire de Cannes)”, 1994)
  • 10/09/1856 – Enrolls at the university of Groningen as a law student (see source… – primary data at Universiteitsmuseum, at the University of Groningen))
    • Member of student association Vidicat atque Polit as of 09/09/1856
    • Tinco Lycklama participates in various student bodies until and including at least the year 1860
    • Lycklama appears for the last time in the student registers in 1861.
  • Stays at Geneva, where he studies Italian (source: Ernst Huisman)
  • 28/02/1861 – Registration at Beetsterzwaag, coming from Groningen (source Ernst Huisman – to be verified)
  • Summer of 1861 : stays in Germany
  • Travels to Florence, Milan, Venice, Genoa. His portrait at the Lycklamastins in Wolvega was painted at that time in Florence, by the artist Riedronski (source: Ernst Huisman)
  • Travels to south of France to study the remains of Roman site (Arles, Nimes, Avignon
  • Spends the summer in London and Switzerland
  • Autumn travels to Genua, Northern Italy and southern Switzerland
  • Studies Arabic in Paris (see source… – records to be verified)


  • Travels to Algiers, Tunis, Malta, Naples and Rome
  • Returns to Algiers to study Arabic


  • Summer in Switzerland
  • Autumn on Mallorca
  • Winter in Paris. Studies with a Syriac teacher to perfect his Arabic.
  • April 1865 – Tinco embarks from Paris on his “Voyage”, via Russia (see Voyage…)
1866 – Voyage
1867 – Voyage
  • Summer of 1869 in Paris and the Pyrennees
  • 08/10/1869 : Departure from Marseille for Syria. Arrives in Beirut on 22/10/1969
    • Notes…
      • 11/1869 : In week prior to 14/11/1869, arrival in Cannes of Jan Anna Lycklama à Nijeholt and “H.” Lycklama à Nijeholt, staying at the Hotel de la Plage. (Reported by Revue de Cannes, see source…). Arrival at the same time of Baron Hoevell-Nijenhuis, chamberlain of the King of The Netherlands, staying at Hotel Beau Rivage)
      • 11/1869 : In week prior to 28/11/1869, “le Chevalier Lycklama arrives in Cannes, staying at Hotel de France (reported by Revue de Cannes, see source…)
  • 04/03/1870 – Departure from Beyrouth, on an expedition to Saïda (see source…). Accompanied by his secretary Ernest Massenot and the Marquis Henricus de Fonclayer (a Lazarist priest living in the Lebanon) . (see source…)
  • 02/04/1870 – Departure for Egypt. Visits Caïro and the Suez Canal
  • 26/04/1870 – Writes from Alexandria, Egypt
  • 11/05/1870 – Writes from Marseille, France
  • 25/05/1870 – Writes from Paris. He rents an apartment opposite the Jardin du Luxembourg, for three years
  • 26/05/1870 – Leaves for a short visit to Beetsterzwaag
    • (July 1870 – May 1871: Franco-Prussian war – lost by France, followed by the Paris Commune)
    • NOTE – This is speculation, but it is likely that Tinco was not able to return to Paris given the outbreak of the war and Paris Commune.
  • The archives of the prominit Dutch architect Pierre Cuypers report the installation of an “Oriental Museum” for Tinco Lycklama in 1870, in Beetsterzwaag. Given the chronology, this must have happened in the second half of 1870.
  • 01/1871 – Opening of Lycklama’s “Museum of Antiquities and Oriental Art” in Beetsterzwaag
  • 12/06/1872 : Tinco becomes a member (“membre titulaire résident”) of the Société des Sciences Naturelles et Historiques, des Lettres et des Beau-Arts de Cannes (source : Mémoires de la Société, Tome IV, 1874)
  • 01/09/1872 – Closure of the Lycklama Museum at the Eysingahuis, Beetsterzwaag (see source…)
  • In 1872, Tinco’s formal domicile in The Netherlands is established at Aengwirden, address Fok 27.
  • Publication of Volume I of Tinco Lycklama’s “Voyage”.

  • 24/03/1873 – Opening of the Lycklama Museum at Villa Escarras (at the current rue Latour-Maubourg)
    • As reported in Les Echos de Cannes on 16/03/1873, the museum would open its doors to the public on Mondays and Thurdays, on simple demand to the curator of the museum, Ernest Massenot (see source…)
  • Spring 1873 – Publication of Volume II of Tinco Lycklama’s “Voyage”.
  • July – Meets with Naser al-Din Shah in Paris. Also meets…
    • Emam Qoli Mirza (1814-1875), “Emad-ed-Dowleh I”, uncle of the shah
    • Abd-al-Samad Mirza, “Ezz-al-Dawla” (1843-1929) – brother of the shah
  • December 1873 – Ernest Massenot, curator of the Lycklama Museum, leaves for Syria to recover objects that had been stuck in transit. Artist Pierre Tetar van Elven accompanies Massenot. (Courrier de Cannes, 14/12/1873, see source…)
  • Publication of Volume III of Tinco Lycklama’s “Voyage”.
  • 02/06/1874 (Tuesday) – Tinco travels from Cannes to The Netherlands, with a stop in England (Courrier de Cannes, 04/06/1874, see source…)
  • Between 08-25/10/1874 – Tinco returns to Villa Escarras, Cannes (Courrier de Cannes, see source…)
  • Tinco Lycklama moves from the Villa Escarras (on the current rue Latour Maubourg) to the Villa Lycklama (previously called Villa Bressane, later also named Villa Eritia) at the chemin des Tignes).
  • Between 15-22/10/1877 – Tinco returns to Villa Lycklama (Escarras), Cannes (Courrier de Cannes, 28/10/1877, see source…)
  • 27/12/1877 – Donation of his collection to the municipality of Cannes (sources digitzed, publication follows)
  • 06/01/1878 – Courrier de Cannes reports Tinco Lycklama’s donation of his museum to the city of Cannes. The museum’s object are valued at 400,000 French Francs (equivalent of +/- 1.5 million euro?) (see source…)
  • 14/04/1878 – Opening of the Lycklama Museum at the Town Hall, Cannes. 1,200 visitors (Courrier de Cannes, 21/04/1878, see source…)
  • Tinco visits the Exposition Universelle of 1878 in Paris, where he buys a wooden chapel to be installed at the cemetery at Wolvega (NL)
  • 19/04/1880 – Hendrica de Hoogh, the mother of Tinco’s wife, dies at her home at Breda (see record…)
  • October 1880 – Arrival of Tinco and spouse in Cannes, at Villa Lycklama (Les Echos de Cannes, 24/10/1880, see source…)
  • 10/03/1881 – Acquisition of Villa Jeanne d’Arc through notary Gazagnaire (renamed Villa Lycklama, at current rue Lycklama with main entrance on the chemin St Nicolas). This house was the sole property of Tinco. (Records to be identified)
  • 06/06/1881 – Les Echos de Cannes reports the construction plans of the Foncière Lyonnaise regarding the new long avenue (today’s boulevard Carnot). The plans specify that some construction will traverse the Villa Lycklama. (See source…) (More precision in Les Echos de Cannes on 05/12/1882)
  • November 1881 – Arrival of Tinco and spouse in Cannes, at Villa Lycklama (Les Echos de Cannes, 20/11/1881, see source…)
  • Between 15-25/11/1883 – Arrival of Tinco and spouse in Cannes, at Villa Lycklama (Les Echos de Cannes, 02/12/1883, see source…)
  • November 1884 – Arrival of Tinco and spouse in Cannes, at Villa Lycklama (Les Echos de Cannes, 23/11/1884, see source…)
  • 26/09/1885 – At Beetsterzwaag, Tinco drafts his “last wish” before notary Jan Frederik Ninaber (of Heerenveen)
  • Between 27/06-03/07/1886 – Tinco and spouse leave Cannes for Contrexéville (F) (Les Echos de Cannes, 04/07/1886, see source…)
  • 14/10/1886 – Registration (with his wife) at Teteringen (NL) – coming from Aengwirden (NL) (see record…)
  • October 1886 – Arrival of Tinco and spouse in Cannes, at Villa Lycklama (Les Echos de Cannes, 31/10/1886, see source…)
  • 01/12/1886 – Tinco and spouse participate in a requiem mass at the chapelle Saint Roch, to honour the deceased duchesse de Vallombrosa (Les Echos de Cannes, 05/12/1886, see source…)
  • 20/01/1889 – Courrier de Cannes announces that the Lycklama Museum will be moved from the 3rd floor in the Cannes Town Hall to its ground floor (at the location of the former “Café de la Paix” (see source…)
  • Tinco Lycklama and his wife rent an appartment at 96, avenue de Neuilly in Paris, for the duration of the Exposition Universelle of 1889.
  • 19/04/1891 – Death of Tinco’s father, Jan Anne Lycklama à Nijeholt (1809-1891) (see record…)
  • 06/08/1891 – Acquisition of Villa “Lycklama” in Cannes (at current route de Vallauris) via notary Terris. Sole property of spouse.
  • 14/10/1891 – Acquisition of “Villa della Rocca” (became “Villa Burmania”) in Cannes (Prado). Sole property of spouse. Reported by notary Terris in Courrier de Cannes, 30/11/1891 (see source…)
  • Moves from Villa Lycklama (rue Lycklama) to Villa Burmania (route de Vallauris)
  • 12/07/1892 – Tinco makes generous gift to the library of the Municipality of Cannes, as reported by Courrier de Cannes, see source…)
  • 13/06/1893 – Acquisition of Villa “Eritia” in Cannes. Sole property of spouse.
  • 16/10/1893 – Courrier de Cannes reports that Tinco and his wife have arrived at their villa in the quartier St Nicolas (Villa Lycklama (Jeanne d’Arc)) (see source…)
  • September 1894 – A conflict opposes Tinco Lycklama and the municipality of Cannes, regarding the state of the Lycklama Museum and a portrait of Tinco in particular. This is related in Courrier de Cannes on 15/09/1894 (see source…)
  • 22/06/1897 – Courrier de Cannes reports the gift by Tinco to the Lycklama Museum of eight large paintings – including seven Persian paintings and the Pierre Tetar van Elven painting “Réception et bal travesti dans les salons du baron de Lycklama, février 1874”. (see source…)
  • Moves from Villa Burmania (route de Vallauris) to Villa Lycklama (rue Lycklama)
Post Mortem

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