Villa ownership in Cannes, 1883

The referenced article offers figures for foreign ownership of villas in Cannes in 1883. It reports a total of 784 villas, of which 519 are owned by permanent residents. The remaining 265 villas are owned by French from elsewhere and foreigners (especially English). The full article also reports on the aristocratic credentials of these villa-owners…

  1. The current pretender to the French throne, the Count of Paris (owner of villa Saint Jean).
  2. Two princes from the Italian Bourbon dynasty: the Count of Bardi, and the Count of Caserta (villa Marie Thérèse).
  3. An former viceroy of British India, Sir Charles Murray (villa Victoria).
  4. Four princes: the Prince de Ligne, the Prince of the Moskowa, the Prince de Montmorency, and the Prince de Sagan (villas in their own name).
  5. Three dukes: the Duc de Rochefoucault, the Duc de Vallombrosa, and the Duchesse de Luynes.
  6. Four marquesses: the Marquis de Colbert, the Marquis de Latour-Maubourg, the Marchuise de Mac-Mahon, and the Marquise de Camden
  7. Various barons, including Baronne douarière de Rothschild, Baronne de Ladoucette, Baronne de Wimpffen, Baronne de Kurdorff, Baron de Rochetaillée, Baron de Lycklama, Baron de Hoffmann…
  8. Various counts, including de Pourtalès, d’Emprémesnil, des Fayères, de Montlaur, de Sartiges, de Leusse…


Villa Ownership in Cannes - Les Echos de Cannes - 23-09-1883

(Les Echos de Cannes, 23/09/1883, see source…)

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