Personalities in Cannes

Below follows an inventory of notable people that stayed or lived in Cannes at the time of Tinco Lycklama’s presence in the city. This list is non-exhaustive and is drawn from the reports in local newspapers in the 1869-1900 timeframe. Indeed, these newspapers tracked the arrivals of people on a weekly basis, and indicated the hotels or private villas where these visitors were staying. This obviously served an important social purpose.

Our purpose is not to pursue the thousands of different people that stayed in Cannes. However, some of these names may become interesting clues in the story of Tinco – and in those of others.


  • Dr Hartzen (1874)
  • Albert de Mare, consul (1874)
  • Douarière Ypey van Panhuys (1874)
  • van Vloten (1874)
  • Henriette thoe Schwartzenberg en Hohenlansberg (1881) – at Villa Lycklama (Jeanne d’Arc)
  • F.E. Blaauw (1881)


  • Admiral Pakenham (1874)
  • John Gladstone (1881)
  • Earl of Limerick (1881)


  • Tripet-Skrypitzine (1881)
  • Marquis de la Tour Maubourg (1881)


  • Comte et Comtesse de Caserta (1874)
  • Marquis de Malespina (1874)


  • Ponce de Leon

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